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Lord, Jack Was Born A Ramblin’ Man


Hey, Ramblin’ Jack. Whatcha doing?

“Same thing I been doing for 65 years.”

Singing cowboy tunes?


85 years old.


Lemme ask you something: this the worst you’ve seen the world?

“Ever read a history book, son?”


“So, you wanna retract that question, or just leave it sit as a monument to stupidity?”

I see your point.

“Everything’s better now than it used to be. Easier. Maybe too easy, but that’s another conversation.”

Except the air and the water.

“You know rivers used to burst into flames for no reason, right?”


“Now they don’t.”

Guess we can thank Nixon for that one.

“Smaller that guy gets in the rearview, the better he looks.”

Well said, Ramblin’ Jack.

“Ain’t gonna be no revolution, kid. The dumb folks are too lazy and the smart folks are otherwise occupied.”


Excuse me?

“Ahh, that ain’t me.”


Bobby Tee-Shirt, stop shushing people.






“Yeah, Ramblin’ Jack?”

“Your shirts often come to life and get into arguments with offscreen narrators?”

“Quite a bit, yeah. Are you familiar with the concept of semi-fictionality?”

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  1. Rambling Jack was booked by SamCutler in the early 70s. He sat in with the New Riders (3/18/73) at least one. He may have sat in with the Dead once too (11/23/70) although that is uncertain. Also, Eliot (Adnopoz) was born in Brooklyn, like Mickey.

    If you get a chance to see him you really should.

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