Thoughts On The Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Los Weirs

“I’d like you to meet my secret, Mexican family.”

No, Bobby.

“Please, uh, don’t tell my regular, American family.”

You are not related to these people.

“This lady here is my wife, Phlebitis.”

Are you all right?

“All the way on my right, which would be your left, is my brother-in-law Luis Agarraculo.”

Stop this.

“On the other side of the aisle is, well, we don’t exactly know. He kinda came with the house. There’s some sort of feudalism situation going on down here.”

There isn’t.

“And the remaining two are our strapping young sons, Primero and Segundo.”


“Primero is older.”

I got that. Bobby, none of what you’re saying is true. These people are not your family.

“Es this verdad, Papi?”

“Tell him that we are familia, Papi!”

“Settle down, boys. You, uh, you better go. You’ve riled them up.”

This whole site gets dumber every day.

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  1. This is amazing

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