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Love Drums In Spurts

“How many drums are we taking on this tour, Mickey?”

“How many drums are there?”

“In the warehouse?”

“No. In existence.”

“A lot.”

“That many.”

“Gotcha, boss.”



“Also bring anything even remotely drum-like.”

“Drum-like, gotcha.”

“And then fashion some objects that had not been drums, into drums.”

“Fashion, check.”

“And polish my crotch-horns.”

“Crotch. On it.”


  1. I would guess that Mayer is the one getting his crotch-horns polished

  2. Krocze rogi

  3. What about the tom-toms? All drum talk, no tom-tom talk. Me see big tom-tom. Lots tom-tom. Plus gloves.

  4. What exactly does Mickey do with the theramin? I see him touch it, but I never hear Theramin sounds, does he use it as a controller for something else? Or is it some vague transformational tone that it plays that I can not hear, I can only feel take home and do something good with?

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