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I used to be a collector: I liked comics, and later on, action figures based on said comics, but it’s been almost a decade since I bought one of either. I have lost the acquisition gene somehow, at least with anything tangible. Sure, I have two hard drives full of Dead shows, but that’s not a collection. I didn’t hunt anything down, and it cost me nothing, and could be replaced in whole: a collection is based upon scarcity–only so many was made of this car, watch, spoon, whatever–but Dead shows are a post-scarcity commodity. You can have as many as you want, and they’ll never run out of copies.

Collections are also based in fungibility, or lack thereof. A piece of art is singular and unreproducable; that’s almost the point. If one of the hard drives I mentioned conked out, well, they were just copies. The Vault is a collection: they’re not making anymore master tapes, but everything else is ephemeral.

And I get that there are CD collectors and Dead Completists; but, $4,000?

Stop working yourself into a lather over Ebay.

It makes no sense. If you’re gonna buy these CDs, then clearly you’re a Real Deadhead®. If you’re a Real Deadhead®, then you must read this site.

Sound logic.

So, you know: give me two grand, and I’ll burn the discs for you.

Are you trolling Ebay sellers by lowballing them?

Little bit.

I’m okay with it.

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  1. Robin Russell

    May 27, 2016 at 2:56 am

    This offer states it doesn’t include all the bonus discs, and does not specify which ones are not included. It is a very odd selling strategy, implying that the target market is fanatical Grateful Dead collectors who don’t already have all the Road Trips releases, and don’t care whether they are getting the full set. Of course, “Near Enough” is a Deadhead motto.

    Also, the Road Trips Vol 4 No 5 (the Road Trips leap year release) is out of sequence. That is telling us something, surely?

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