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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Making a List

[PDF] X Wing Glass pipe #bowl
To Do:

  1. Locate DVD player.
  2. Attempt to connect DVD player to television.
  3. Yell at technology.
  4. Pout.
  5. Become distracted by other, working, technology.
  6. Instagram.
  7. Twitter.
  8. Oh, right: movie.
  9. Re-attempt DVD hookup.
  10. Locate remote control.
  11. Locate batteries.
  12. Become distracted by food and/or various pornographies.
  13. Bathroom time.
  14. Watch Star Wars.


  1. Can anyone here help me out?? I want to watch the original ones but I don’t want to pay for them. Nobody is helping me

  2. Stay on target

  3. Jeez, that thing looks like a, a, um, never mind…

  4. Red Five standing by….

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