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Man, The Law, And Nature

Shall we distract ourselves, you and I? Let’s. Eschew the news, forget your phone. Say, “Monday” to social media. You don’t want to leave the house, either, do you? We’ll be brave tomorrow.

Dead & Company are at Bonaroo, and it’s streaming live on Red Bull TV*, which is a thing, and they’re about to go on.

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You could read, perhaps about a Deadhead lawyer defending hackers.

Or maybe it’s all too much, and you’d like to go to place where there are no mistakes, and the sky is Prussian Blue and the trees are Phthalo Green.

*Red Bull TV is an app on your Apple TV or Roku. If you have neither, then you can go right to the site and watch it there.


  1. The RedBull site wouldn’t load for me; I found it’s stream

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