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Maybe It Was The Poses

bobby andy cohen hands thing.jpg

“I’m just so proud of Josh, Candy.”

“You were 0-for-2 there, Bob.”

“He’s come a long way as a musician and as a Grateful Dead. You should see him get tuggers now.”

“I would watch that.”

“And Billy’s gonna steal his road case full of hats and dump it in a river pretty soon, so that’s okay, too. He’s teaching us a lot, and we’re teaching him.”

“And what have you taught John, specifically?”

“Well, watch this.”

bobby jm chin hand



“Took him a while to get it, honestly. Don’t want to throw him under the Earthroamer, but that’s what happened. Poked himself in the eye a bunch.”

“Is that it, Bob?”

“Oh, no. Hooked him up with prayer hands.”

jm praying hands bravo

“Oooh, that’s good.”

“Right? Kid’s a natural. So proud of him. Took him a day to learn. Been trying to teach Chimenti to roll over for a decade, but that’s a lost cause. Josh is bright.”

“How about a selfie, Bob?”

“Sure, sure.”

bobby jm andy cohen selfie

“Josh, what was that?”

“Dammit! I meant to.”

“You managed to angle your watch towards the camera, but you can’t do hand on chin?”

“Bob, I spaced. I’m sorry. Let’s take another one.”

“You ruined it.”

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  1. These are giving me the giggles.

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