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mooh emerson

Bear thought this thing was–and I’m quoting–adorable. It was about the size of his electric shaver.

What’s the TV for? Is that even part of it or did Lord Fancyfingers just have his road crew huck a console television on top of a MaxiMoog?

Plus, all that doodaddery and someone couldn’t jerry-rig a monitor for him to see the rest of the band? Why does he have to turn around like that? His chiropractic bills alone are gonna make this tour a money-losing experience. Why doesn’t he just use the damn TV?

This was Keith Emerson of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, a band that got its name when their original guitarist, Izzy Yiskowitz, left the group and they were able to go with the “last names” concept. It works rhythmically, plus: if you got Greg Lake in the band, you’re gonna tell the world, brother!

This isn’t another KISS thing, is it? Please, god, tell me you’re not doing 2,000 words on ELP.

I was done.


Carry on.

Oh, blow me.


  1. What a Lucky Man he was

  2. The “little TV” is actually an oscilliscope, which was presumably used to tune the instrument. Actually, Keith Emerson mostly used the same voice as a Minimoog, so a lot of what you see in that photo is actually “just for show”. In fact, I’m sure I saw an video on Youtube where the team at Moog Music discussed the copy of Emerson’s modular synth that they built recently, and they said some of the modules, when they took them out of the case, the pots and jacks weren’t wired up to anything. It’s like the keyboardist equivalent of those big walls of amplifiers the heavy metal bands have onstage.

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