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Well, this is neat: from Fillmore: The Last Days, which is highly recommend if only for Bill Graham’s pre-planned tantrums (he would have made the best reality TV star), this is Bobby and Garcia doing Johnny B. Goode. I assume the rest of the band was there, but the recording does not show them.

Of note: Garcia’s mobility and Les Paul Jr.; Bobby’s neck-thrusts, bitchin’ sneakers, and Gibson Something-Or-Other.


  1. The Dead were sort of off the road at this juncture, and Garcia apparently used a guitar that he had not used onstage, and never used again. He complained about being very unhappy with it. That was why the band only grudgingly agreed to allow one song.

    Two tidbits:
    The movie actually includes Jerry tuning up his pedal steel guitar during a basketball game. This is the justification for claiming that the New Riders are in the movie. Bait and switch.

    The actual FM broadcast was in Quadrophonic, broadcast on two radio stations (KSAN and KSFX). So any of you “matrix” type people need to get the broadcast from both stations and merge them together. Good luck finding a quadrophonic system to play them on (Maggie, ask your grandpa, he’ll explain).

  2. I once went through my GD music files and deleted every instance of “Johhny B. Goode.” No regrets.

  3. Also — an FYI re: the fancy new website: The tab, up there at the top where you have the little Stealie? When one is on the main page of the blog, all that’s rendered in the space where text goes is some half-assed URL; if you have an individual post in its own tab, you get the title of the post. Looks a little funky, in the case of the former.

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