Thoughts On The Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Me And My Shadow

“Hey, buddy. You having fun?”

Oh, man: you got no idea.Hey, y’know what: thank you. Just: thank you. You killed it and not by accident; you killed it.

“Well, I appreciate that, y;know It was a big thing to me, and I thought it deserved, you know, a certain respect and–”


“–a lot of practice, man–


“and just taking it…yeah?”

Don’t turn around.



“Guys been following me around for half my life, man.”

Was that not what you were desiring when you were learning how to play the guitar?

“Zorba the Geek over there shadowing me til my grave? No.”


“He wearing his giant headphones?”

They’re around his neck.

“Lot of opportunities to listen to music during a Dead show?”

Maybe he’s listening to a different Dead show.

“There’s pretty much nothing but “maybes” with that guy.”

You look like Ron Howard with hair.

“I’ve heard that, yeah.”


  1. “How I Accidentally Changed a Phish Song Forever”

    I’ll be completely honest: I never actually read any of your posts about this Benjy guy. Sorry. I could never understand them because sometimes I’m not good at paying attention. Have you noticed that? I have.

    I have absolutely no idea who Benjy is. Quite frankly I can’t even tell if you actually like this guy or not. (Same goes for Shapiro.)

  2. Benjy. Cause Billy sometimes needs help opening pickle jars.

  3. Im sorry to hear about your incredibly rare finger condition that prevents you from going to the archives.

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