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Meadow, Lark

band lindleyMost of the shots from the Lindley Meadows free show are more than familiar, but here’s one taken–seemingly–by a fan. (I am just assuming that a picture containing the professional photographers was not taken by said professional photographers.)


  1. Remember, when comparing this photo to the professional or at least people-with-all-access photos, this is a lot more what it really looked like. Particularly the fuzzy parts–it was something on your glasses, or a short but frizzy haired blond chick just in front of you, or just some sort of mental haze (not fog, it doesn’t look like that).

    The photographer had a good view of Jerry, couldn’t see Bob’s hands, could mostly see Donna’s hair, couldn’t see the drummers, had a good view of Phil. Good positioning.

    I was moving into the dorms, missed it. Whoops.But this is what I might have seen.

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