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Meadow Tenor And Baritone

jerry billy bobby lindley wha?

Another cool shot from the legendary (and criminally unreleased) Lindley Meadows show in ’75. Garcia is yelling at someone getting too close to his hoagie; Bobby is looking at Goose, who is a giant duck, good friend of Bobby, and imaginary; Billy is taking a piss.


  1. Love this show. They sounded awesome in ’75 and fairly unlike the years before or after. This one’s loose and loud and from the banter I’d guess that they might’ve been a little blasted. Dig Jerry going full rock star after the “if you get confused” verse in Franklin’s, then again in GDTRFB. Jer’s was the only great Mesa/Boogie tone that I’m aware of; it’s a shame he didn’t mine it further.

    • You hear this one and figure it they only did four shows that year, then this must be the best. (Then, you know: One from the Vault.)

      It’s an unbelievably good show with some truly Dead-ian bits in it and might just be a top ten EVAR.

  2. I pester Lemieux two or three times a year via email about releasing this show. The only promising response I’ve gotten is that “it’s definitely under consideration.” a 1975 box with this show, kezar and winterland would be tits

    • Keep botherin’ the beaver-repsecter!

      I figure it’s about 8 CDs worth of material, right? Actually: Kezar is, like, 45 minutes long. Lindley is a real short show, too, so them together is two discs, then the Winterland show is three at most. Five CD set?

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