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Mean Mister Mustache

img_2958Garcia had a good look, but this is not it. He looks like a Groucho impersonator who doesn’t get found after his suicide until the whole apartment building starts to smell.

I feel, though, that we’re close to triangulating the start and end-dates of this unfortunate follicular arrangement: this is ’69, I’m fairly certain. Holy God: is this the way Garcia’s head looked when Live/Dead was recorded? Because that could change everything.



  1. Oh my god!! If that’s the case, then Live/Dead is totally different to me.

  2. Damn…

    If this was Live Dead facial hair, then someone could have saved 1993 by kidnapping Vince and shaving Jerry…

    Why did nobody do that ?

    Phil probably knew it could be done, but thought 1993 was the Year of Phil and was glad to watch Jerry Decline.

    Bobby was still looking for chicks and not paying attention?

    Why Why Why

  3. Facial hair is one thing, I find the 1969 re-emergence of the rainbow pants far more fascinating.

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