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Mental Perversity In Chicago

Just found this in my phone: apparently, I attempted to take notes the first night of Chicago. Draw your own conclusions.


  1. what did you have for breakfast?

  2. ToTD, between sets.

  3. May your memoir will be titled..

    “I Doughnut”

    Or the mini series dedicated to you..

    Or however they commemorate your creative works, may one of them be titled..

    “I Doughnut”

  4. Wait a minute, HTML works in the comment section?


  5. Look at that! I’ve been doing it wrong all this time

    • Yes some html works, not all.

      The javascript iframe that ToTD wrote while at the show in Chicago for example, did not work.

  6. Is ‘playing like a lake’ a good thing?
    Or not?

  7. When you cant remember where you hid your spare doughnut:

  8. By any chance are you Fred the Baker?

  9. My conclusion: Impressed you stuck with “doughnut” every time, instead of the simpler, without-research-ish, easy-way-out “donut.”

  10. Like Rod Stewart said: “Every picture tells a story doughnut.”

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