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Miami Vice

But what’s spinning at Fillmore South today? We got 6/23/74 from the Jai Alai Fronton as the Grateful Dead bring their talents and sexually transmitted infections to South Beach.

There’s the famously good second set, featuring a Dark Star (actually a Dark Star Jam because Garcia just Bobby’s the words and turns to the band and musically asks, “Instead of going to the turpentine knifefight of dimebags, why don’t we go into the brains of whomever is listening  and melt them?) into Spanish Jam into–wait, maybe someone hasn’t heard it! SPOILER ALERT FOR A FORTY YEAR OLD CONCERT!–U.S. Blues that will seem to you like a magic trick that isn’t actually a trick, just magic. They catch the bullet here, saw the lady in half for real. For realsies, even

Just go listen.

Listen to the whole thing, now because the whole damn thing is both the dank and the nugs. Goodness oozes. Listen to the only ever Let It Rock and a tight, propulsive Black-Throated Wind. (An underrated Bobby number.)

Listen to the way Garcia and Keith soothe over the surely-jangle nerves of the crowd in the nameless, transient jam into Ship of Fools, always one of my favorite of Garcia’s middle-of-the-show midtempo numbers

Do not listen to Seastones.



  1. Hey, thanks for recommending this one! I hadn’t heard it in too long.

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