Mickey beam deadandco

Hey, Mickey. Whatcha doing?


You love drumming.

“So much!”

Do you ever get tired of it?

“Of drumming? Do you get tired of breathing, or eating, or pooping?”

Yes. I am completely over all of those things.

“Do normal people?”

No, they don’t

“Right, it’s like that.”

Okay. Y’know, I just read this thing by Bear about his audio theories.

“He had a lot of theories.”

About so many things. Anyway: he thought the a drum set should have two mics. One for the bass drum, and an overhead.

“Yeah, we don’t do that anymore.”

I’ve noticed.

“I actually had a drum kit made of microphones created for me. Cut out the middle man.”

The drums were mics?


How did it sound?

“Terrible. And then it broke very quickly; you can’t drum on microphones.”

No. You getting ready for the tour?

“Full force. High levels of excitement There is a magic in preparation. So many ideas and concepts. Plus, I bought a sampler.”

Welcome to 1985

“Right, it’s vintage. Old technology is the new thing.”

Fine. So, you’re gonna trigger voices and sounds and stuff with your drum pads?

“Oh, no. Just gonna hit the thing with my mallets. Got a great sound.”

Always good to check in with you, Mick.