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Mickey And The Micktones

mickey hart band holy shit hat We’ll leave the best for last, but let’s agree up front that this is the worst-looking group of people ever assembled. This is the Avengers of No, Thank You.

Actually: what is the best? I came into this thinking “Obviously, Mickey cosplaying as a Cuban-American orthodontist out for his monthly session of playing dominos and talking about his dick in Spanish will be the highlight of this photo.” It’s what any reasonable person would assume. Also: the crazy fucker is standing like a superhero for some reason.

But that back row is eclipsing our Mick, isn’t it? Apparently, Alan Moore is in Mickey’s combo now, along with Christopher Lloyd from Cuckoo’s Nest. So, the guy in the middle–though far too large–might be thought of as semi-normal, but take a long look: that guy’s got opinions on craft beer and all sorts of things and he’s going to share them. The three of them together, though: it’s like a rock opera version of The Hills Have Eyes.

For fun on the weekends, the back row swaps medications.

The black lady and the two white guys aren’t traumatizing, but are they aware they’re in the same band?

And then there’s Slightly Larger Gary Coleman over there. He got the memo about “everybody wear black but Mickey, who will wear fuschia; he was at the meeting where Mickey tried on hats in front of everyone; and he still said, “it’s Sweatshirt Saturday and that’s all there is to it.”


  1. Craft beer guy is John Goodman in the overrated movie about bowling.

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