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Mickey Gonna Mickey

mickey cowbell schmuckFiled under “Of course he did” is this Mickey update: while Bobby and Billy teamed up* with his daughter and Trixie to get inducted into Madison Square Garden’s HoF, Mickey gave a speech at the Skirball Center in Los Angeles that degenerated into a drum circle, because Mickey has turned every event in his life (including funerals and evacuations) into drum circles.

Mickey also fucked around with his cowbell, wore a Dead shirt, and sported a hat that made him look like a schmuck.

Phil was at the restaurant, where the POS system had gone down and all the tickets had to be written down; it was a complete nightmare. Also, Phil travels with Jill and, since reading the book, Jill becomes cataplectic with rage at the mention of Billy.

* TotD’s spies report that there was a friendly and laid-back jam with the two Grateful Deads and Trey. It went so well that at the end of the session, Bobby invited Trey to join the Grateful Dead.


  1. Judging by his absurd gait, he’s also recently been stricken with cerebral palsy.

  2. In Mickey’s defense, it appears to have been Schmuck Hat Day.

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