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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To


CFAtGAwWIAENiVGHey, Los Lobos.


Stop it. Apologize.

Sorry. But they are awful.

Fucking dreadful, yeah. Still, no excuse for the nonsense.



  1. You don’t like Los Lobos? My eyebrows are raised, here.

  2. Hey don’t fuck with Los Lobos. They are so much better than anything with that cap-wearing, Aerosmith-name-sounding lame-ass Tom Hamilton motherfucker.

  3. We can no longer be friends.

  4. Hey hey hey….Los Lobos is a fine band. Not to be confused w Los Lonely Boys.

    To this day, nobody – and I mean nobody – can rock a tie dye like Squeezer did on that 96 Furthur Tour.

    Also on that 96 tour, LL bassist Conrad Lozano had a classic encounter w Mickey that is maybe my fave Mickey story of all time.

    Seems there was a New York Furthur gig and all the bands had to take a ferry boat ride.
    Mickey had his band sitting around a table on the ferry deck and was trying to coerce everyone to pounding out rhythms on the table but it didn’t seem like anybody really wanted to do it.
    After the band left, sad face Mickey was sitting there by himself.

    Conrad was watching the whole thing and after a few beers, moseyed over and sat down, looked straight at Mickey and with his natural city terrace boyish charm asked – “Hey f****r, so what’s your trip?”

    Mickey’s response is not known…

  5. I challenge you to listen to Los Lobos on acid for more than 5 minutes and then tell me how good they are. Fuggetaboutit!!!

  6. franz christain anderpoop

    May 15, 2015 at 6:31 pm

    Los Lobos is an amazing band but somehow they derailed last night playing covers that have been part of their setlists for 25 years. I listened to it again today and they f’ed up big time. Not as awful as Grace Twatter, so there’s that.

  7. They may have been dosed.

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