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Might As Well Choogle (Choogle!)

Have you ever wondered what the Dead and Van Halen have in common? And did you desire that information in an easy-to-read bullet point presentation? Well, you’re a lucky little fucker tonight, ain’t ya?

  • From California, but not the same California.
  • Drummers enjoyed hitting people.
  • Cover of Dancing in the Street was not as good as Martha and the Vendellas, but better than Mick Jagger and David Bowie’s duet.
  • Both Van Halen and the Grateful Dead have seen Sammy Hagar naked.
  • Guitarist could be persuaded to solo.
  • Not fans of Somerset Maugham.

And that’s pretty much it, except for this, Enthusiasts, which is the only tangible connection between the two bands other than Bobby and Sammy Hagar’s long friendship: the Drums from 5/21/92 at the Cal Expo. Listen at 3:10 for the sample from Runnin’ With The Devil.


  1. Can we talk about the drum intro to Steve Miller Band’s Swingtown now?

    Or can we talk about the tubular bells space?

    Or don’t mind me, just being an entitled deadhead.

  2. Oh my God! I remember this! I thought I was just tripping! (I mean I was but it really did happen.) Thia is Awesome!

  3. Jerry shared the stage with Hagar at sweetwater, that whole elvis Costello commander Cody James burton event.

  4. Keith Olsen engineered/produced “Terrapin Station” and also a Hagar solo album or two.

    Hmmm . . . There must be something closer.

  5. A history dividable into distinct eras marked by personnel changes at one position: Pig/Keith/Brent/Whoever the fuck it was who played keys after Brent died v. David/Sammy/Gary/David again.

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