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Might As Well, Rather Not

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“We’re back for more in our intimate conversation with Bob Weir, who is wearing sandals. Bob, the band said that Chicago was going to be it, but now there are more shows. Possibly a whole tour.”

“The songs weren’t finished with us.”

“What does that mean, Bob?”

“No idea, but I’ve been repeating it at every reporter in sight for a few weeks now, and it seems to make them happy.”


“But Phil Lesh will not be joining you. Why is that.”

“Well, he sent me a text about it: I’ll read it to you. Ahem. ‘Would rather put shotgun in mouth, pull trigger with toe, than deal with one more second of Grateful Dead bullshit. Please do not read this text to Dan Rather.’ Dammit.”

“We can edit that out.”

“In a lot of ways, that’s Phil’s fault: he should’ve put the second sentence first.”


  1. Bobs facial freak show and 70 year old bare feet didnt just threaten to steal the show, they DID steal the show. That combo was like putting two magnets together.
    For the whole 60 min, he had this lone-ass wild mustache hair that stood straight up and out like Alfalfa and they kept showing him at this angle that made the hair look like it was snarling perfectly out his nostril.
    It was shown a lot of times and AXS was totally busting his balls.

    For the grand finale, our cardboard cowboy whipped out a 1939 Martin guitar he somehow found on Craigslist (no shit) and debuted a 50 year old country song that he’s still tweaking the lyrics to.
    Dan could barely contain his unbridled elation and when the song ended, Kenneth Frequency officially was on the bus folks.

    Yah, mon, we be jammin now.
    /Cue Pigpen punching himself in the dick.

    I should point out that Dan wasnt just front row, on the rail, Gold Circle for this shit.
    No, he was much closer than that. Facing each other w knees practically touching, there was nowhere to run and nowhere to hide from Weir’s shameless Stinkfoot, literally less than a foot away thanks to a propped up knee bend.

  2. Must watch,

    the facial hair got my attention as well. You know how video compression works by picking a key frame and then just sending pixels that have changed, and keeping the key frame the same.

    Well that can make things look jumpy, facial hair is complex to render,so I would just watch his beard and stash for strange movements that are either video compression relics, or the beginings of old man lip twitching.

    I still can not decide if he is getting old man lip twitches, or if that was youtube.


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