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Miles, To Go! (I’d Rather Sleep)


Oh, good: Miles has a fictional white friend.


  1. Well, I am glad that Don Cheadle made this movie, no matter what.

    Still, the real story of Miles Davis is so much more bizarre. His best friend, if he had one, was white, but it was Gil Evans, who deserves his own movie. From 1970-72, when Miles was touring alot, his road manager was named “Whitey.” Really. (OK, his real first name was Coleman, but everyone called him Whitey Davis). Whitey Davis deserves his own movie, too (

    Does it have a scene where Miles drives Jack DeJohnette around in his yellow Ferrari, playing a Buddy Miles Express tape on the 8-track? That really happened, too. Finally DeJohnette said “you want me to play with that feel, but with my technique?” and Miles grunted.

    No matter, I’m in. I hope the Charles Mingus miniseries and Eric Dolphy movie follow it

  2. I assume they won’t include the Charlie Parker scene (eating fried chicken) from the autobiography.
    If any of you haven’t read Miles the Autobiography you should do that right away.

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