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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Mis-baken Identity

famous amos

Goddammit, you’re dead.

“I am not Famous Amos.”

Carry on, then.

“Now I want cookies, though.”

Me, too.


  1. He’s lying to you.

  2. Naked Pole Guy: next on Where Are They Now?

  3. I’ve seen him in person twice in visits to the golden state, once in ,of course Venice beach, end of the line for the green tortoise bus on the way to Mexico. And the year before in golden gate park in s.f. Where I recognized him from some art movies, i seem to think I may have seen him in the lot at other dead shows so he’s obviously a fan. . I never knew his name, but when I saw that picture above it was instant recognition. Wow memories of good times in the California sun. Thanks.

  4. Him being there really gives it the 80s/90s Southern California Dead show vibe. No skates at Irvine though.

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