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Missed Meeting

This was, both sadly and unavoidably, the first year I’ve had to miss the Meet-Up At The Movies; a small comfort is that I’m driven bonkers by the behavior of my fellow Enthusiasts during the film and don’t enjoy the experience all that much. It is, as you are correctly guessing, not so much their actions (which are well within the bounds of decency and in-group norms for this type of screening) as my misanthropy combined with my insanely strict rules about movie theaters.

TotD’s Insanely Strict Rules For Movie Theaters:

  • Shut the fuck up.
  • In fact, don’t even move.

Almost all my other rules turn out to be guidelines under close scrutiny, but not those. And while a showing of 7/2/89 from Sullivan Stadium in Foxborough, MA, attended solely by Deadheads should be granted special dispensation from the standard silence, I can’t make my brain accept the exception, and I end up hating everyone around me halfway through the first set.

You are unwell.

Oh, hey. You’re in this computer, too?

Just continue.

Sure. Anyway, I mentioned that the show was available on YouTube, and said I was going to watch it, but–in a rare occurrence–the tenets of Without Research have bitten us all on the box-back nitties. What I thought, after briefly glimpsing the playlist but not clicking on anything, was the whole show turns out to be the just the first set, and not the pro-shot version, either. Voodoonola has cleaned it up, so it’s the best it’s going to look, but it is still the video version of an AUD.

(On the other hand, the first set opens with Playing and the second set closes with Dear Mr. Fantasy>Hey Jude, so the first set is objectively the superior set.)

The previous Meet-Ups have been mysteriously leaked for just long enough for everyone to download them, so if that happens here, I’ll let you know. Until then, this is good enough for you animals:


  1. bobby’s shorts were so short. jerry moved around a lot, and smiled, too. phil had the best fan placement (and it looked HOT). brent had very crazy eyes. ours was sparsely attended, but even so the behaviors that would have given TotD problems were in evidence.

  2. Whit Townsend

    May 12, 2016 at 1:37 am

    Mysteriously, Micky was not wearing a Dead shirt.

  3. That’s no joke about the short shorts. The thing that was driving me crazy other than Bobby’s legs being shaved better than a woman’s, was the fact that the right leg of his teeny weeny shorts was hiked up around his right ball for at least a half hour. I was thinking, dude, give us a break. Very distracting.

  4. In my haste, I forgot to mention that Bobby had no visible panty line in the back of his miniature shorts, meaning danger, danger. He also had a barrette, not even a bobby pin, on each side of his head to keep his short hair in check since it wasn’t long enough to meet his pony tail. I guess that’s acceptable considering that it was extremely hot.

  5. Did anyone else notice when they appeared to turn off the sound on Brent’s midi when he was playing violin sounds during Friend of the Devil really loud?
    How about the black and white guitar that Jerry played during Space, guess Tiger did not have midi capabilities.
    Jerry looked a lot spryer during the second set (once the sun went down) Must have been really hot to have three members sporting pony tails on stage.
    Billy looked like he still might give a f*ck but was hard to tell during Drums as they showed Mickey the whole time. The Beam was not very impressive, I think it has been upgraded since 1989. And Billy was the only one wearing swag, a Built to Last tee.
    Jerry was wearing those white slip-on half moccasin, half nurse’s shoes.
    To be honest it was a fifty-fifty proposition based on appearances as to whether Jerry would die or Brent would kill someone within the next year.
    If you bet on Brent you would have won.

  6. Had forgotten how freakin’ hot it was in Foxboro that day.
    Certainly added to the authenticity to have a dillweed loudly singing out-of-tune (of course) right behind me. Did not add to the authenticity when the chowderhead next to me kept on shooting iphone video – with his flash on.

    Jerry was truly on fire in the Summer of ’89, especially this show. I mean, he had some old school, guitar-god, junkyard dog swagger in his playing Summer through Fall of ’89. As good as some of the post ’89 shows could be, Jerry never really played with this type of edge in the tours to come.

    Best Mr. Fantasy, EVAR.
    How often did Jerry shout “woah!” into the mic as he launches into the second solo?

    Too bad they couldn’t have inserted the backstage Los Lobos with Bob and Jerry tunes from earlier in the afternoon.

  7. Luther Von Baconson

    May 12, 2016 at 10:49 am

    In the David Lemieuxllae blurb beforehand there was a shot of DL on his chesterfield hard at work Archiving. On the wall above the chesterfield there was a Barry Lyndon poster on the wall. As with most Canadians of a certain generation, DL is obviously a keen Ryan O’Neal Enthusiast. Mickey, Bobby, & Phil appeared to have been using the same sheep dip at Big Dick Sheila’s. Brent was wearing the same shirt as me in ’89, possibly purchased at The Bargain Harold’s.

    • First Bargain Harold’s, now Honest Ed’s closing….I’m getting teary.

      • Luther Von Baconson

        May 12, 2016 at 2:34 pm

        Willy Wonderful. King & Stafford. Piles of clothes on tables. Mom’s fighting over Cheap Jeans. strip down to your gotchies in the aisle “here, put these on see if they fit, make it quick we gotta get you New Boots…..not Kodiaks, we can’t afford Kodiaks”

        • Forgot about Willy’s, can’t find a pic either….

          • Luther Von Baconson

            May 12, 2016 at 3:33 pm

            the highlight of these excursions, beside being in your gotchies and socks in a public place, and getting those cheap work boots with hard rubber soles, was going to Spadina & Dundas for dim sum afterwards.

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