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Oh, hey: there’s a Dead show tonight, kinda, sorta, if you squint. You can listen to a crappy AUD of it here, complete with randos and chompers (I learned a new word and I’ll tell you all about it, I promise) chit-chatting* the night away. There is no official audio stream, because something something revenue source something something LiveNation.

(Remix of tonight’s poster by Spencer, who invented the remix. I know Puff Diddy says he did, but it was a Canadian farmer. I would not lie to you about this: Spencer invented the remix.)

*At this point, I feel the warning to abstain from chatting in rooms needs not be stated.


  1. isn’t the comments section very similar to a chat room?
    when i squint at the remix, all that i see is a damned bear.

  2. You learned about chompers! Must be watching those Fzappa20 p-fish reviews….

  3. Chompers!

  4. Horney horns are great tonight

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