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More Brown

This uncapitalized missive is from Dean Ween, who is either the fat one or the ugly one; he is scrappy and ready for a brawl. He will fight for his rock and roll, as he must, for he is the only one who understands it. He is a survivor (like Claude) and he makes it equally brown for each and every show.

“How brown should we make it, Dean?”

“As brown as we can! We’re Ween, dammit. People came for brownness.”

Dean remembers laughter, and so does Claude, and therefore knows that–no matter how cool it would look on paper–a 40-minute Poopship Destroyer is not going to fly for a festival crowd. And make no mistake: a 40-minute Poopship Destroyer looks AWESOME on paper. Not since Communism has something looked this good on paper.

Thanks for weighing in go out to Dean Ween, who is either the fat one or the ugly one.


  1. He gets restraint points for not mentioning The Boognish, anyway. That’s a lot of Ween words to not have a Boognish reference.

    (P.S. He’s the one with the fishing show. And the one who didn’t quit to get sober. These days, I’m not sure The Fat One and The Ugly One differentiate them as much as they once might have).

    (P.P.S. I wish I’d been there for the brown and the poopship destroyer . . . )

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