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More Technically True Denials From H.R. McMaster

Trump gives the key to the Bronx Zoo to Kim Jong-un; all the animals get stolen.

“At no time did the president give Kim Jong-un a ride to the zoo, nor did he purchase any snacks for Kim.”

Trump tweets out the nuclear codes.

“What the president did was allowed by law, and never were the locations of every single bomb tweeted out.”

Trump sees a little girl throwing flowers into the Potomac, throws her in, she drowns.

“What needs to be paramount in everyone’s mind is that the president did not hold the little girl’s head underwater. The tossing of the girl and her drowning are two separate events that have a correlative, not causative, relationship.”

Trump lets Auric Goldfinger into Fort Knox.

“What’s to be understood is that Mr. Goldfinger was not given the access codes to Fort Knox, and therefore he is unable to get back in.”

Trump burns down an orphanage.

“C’mon, they were just orphans.”


  1. This has to be a test to see how much supporters will tale before they quit. Trump
    cant step down until he drops below 30%

    • The question of “How much will Trump supporters take in the interest of passing the Republican agenda?” was answered on election night when the country chose a self-avowed sexual predator with a penchant for racist, Islamophobic, sexist language, a totally incoherent policy agenda, no apparent grasp on the issues, no respect for the office and no intention of divorcing himself from his financial interests as president. Anyone who still thinks there is some sort of potential breaking point for his support was not paying attention before the election and has not been paying attention since the Inauguration; two failed Muslim bans, a failure to pass any meaningful policy through Congress, a health care plan that will kill people, a horrible foreign policy record, a huge cloud of suspicion regarding bad-faith dealing with a nuclear-armed adversary, and a total lack of respect for both the office and basic things like truthfulness have not scared away any meaningful amount of his support.

      Whatever he does, enough powerful people and the regular Americans who form a sufficient base of support for Trump to remain in office will support him until election day 2024, at which point they will support Ivanka or whomever Trump’s chosen successor is. The revolution is over. The bad guys won. There is no going back.

  2. Luther Von Baconson

    May 16, 2017 at 1:15 pm


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