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Movin’ On Up

bill kids 1
Popper left the stage for a while; he just came out for the Hard to Handle>Foolish Heart–

That’s not a thing; stop saying it like it’s a thing.

–but this is him and Kids from before the second set started going sideways. Uncle John’s Band does not need an extended conga solo, because it exists, and nothing that exists needs an extended conga solo.

Annnnd we’re into NFA and if the past five decades are a guide, this is the end of the set. If any of the living Deads wanted to be funny, they could open up a show with Not Fade Away and then the crowd would leave, but the check would still be good. (I cannot believe Billy has not tried this yet.)

Question: does Billy still get paid for the cancelled Lock’n show? Because if he does, then he’s a good bottle of wine and a sloppy blowjob from bowling 300 tonight. A good rule of thumb is to always get paid twice for doing something once.

John Popper is back, making sounds that are giving me Post-Traumatic Freshman Year Disorder.


  1. Popper married his soon to be BabyMama today. Technically he worked his own reception


  2. Popper is the Mariah Carey/Christina Aguilera of harmonica players.

  3. Billy deserves Grateful Dead of the Year….

    This show, his street jam with the street drummer, his voodoo dead show in New Orleans that started at friggin 2 AM and those are the facts.

    The rumors are good as well..
    Helping Bobby Kick the pain pills,

    Go Billy

  4. This was a blast. You guys are fun.

    Thank God I don’t have any jobs scheduled tomorrow. Way past my bedtime.

  5. serious respect to John Popper. He must be doing something right, and staying with it. In 1993, I didn’t think he’d make it to 1994.

  6. if you want to see another side of Popper, check out this tv guest spot he did

    pretty bad show about a rock band that does better making a living playing kids music/parties. popper showed up in at least one episode as himself, portrayed as a deviant. I can’t find that right now so the song above will have to suffice.

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