Today brings another installment of Shows Of The Cusp Of Being Something with this obscure gem from 1/31/78 at the Uptown Theater, where they never played a bad show, and again TotD brings you the Pros and Cons.

Pros The Drums>Black Peter>Truckin’ is Hall of Fame, no other way to put it. Also, the Drums is more rightly called Jam, because Garcia stays out there and makes boogeyman noises.

Then after the Truckin’ jam, Bobby tries to go back into Playin’, but no one is having none of that, thank you Mr. Man. Except, the rest of them haven’t made any decision beyond “let’s not do what Bobby wants” and five guys start playing nine different songs at once and it’s kind of like your racist grandpa: you’d be embarrassed if a normal person heard it, but to you: it’s endearing.

Cons Keith. Just: Keith. Plus, it’s a Betty Board, so he’s mixed up real high because that’s how Betty do. But, he’s just playing like the fourth-best piano player at your high school the whole show: COMP compcomp COMP comp.