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Mullet Over For A While

bobby rocka rolla

“Yes, yes, YES: I’m BOBBY and I’m a rock STAAAAAAR and I’m leaping to the front of the stage where I think they want it, I know they want it, I feel they want it GIVE IT TO ‘EM, that’s the potato salad they paid for, Bobby.”



  1. Good God. The things that cannot be unseen…

  2. This feels like he had waited all of his life, and endured a lot of “To Lay Me Down”‘s for that moment. Or moments like that.

  3. “Potato salad ‘taint what they want Weir, taint is what they want, asshole.”
    Steve Parrish

  4. was that a prance?

  5. I made fun of the man back in the day. But dammit, I miss energetic Bobby.

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