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Must Have Been The Rose City

deadandco portland poster

More effort was put into this poster than the last few, it seems, but I dunno. What do you think?

Also: if you run into a man dressed as a Tree Octopus, then that is Portland’s Protector, Mr. Completely. He will not be attending the show tonight, so running into him means you have broken into his house, and please don’t do that.


  1. It’s one of the better Bear posters. Not a big fan of the Bears.

    By the way, I go back to the post on the Bristow show poster every so often because it one of the funniest shorts (in a movie sense) you’ve done lately.

  2. I miss Mr Completely on the Twitters. (Sad face). And wonder should I be looking for the tree octopus when I attend Pacific Northwest arborists’ conference later this summer??

    • aw thanks. If you’re in Portland, sure! Or at least maybe, depending on schedules. what’s your Twitter handle? I’ll follow you back if I don’t already so we can DM contact info.

      I do expect to return to the Twatters post election or so

  3. I get that the tall bike is a hipster joke, and that’s fair enough, but this poster fucking sucks.

    We’re the Rose City for fuck’s sake, and one of the oldest Deadhead strongholds outside of the Bay. Show some respect.

    • Well, the wheel axles are Roses. Hey, Axl(e) Rose
      Yeah, show some respect

      • course I’m not respecting them, I’d pay the ticket price to get out of the show if I found myself inside, so maybe I’m protesting a bit much I guess?

        • I saw them last fall and enjoyed myself. Bob will not be around forever, despite what he may think.

        • I was agreeing with you on the poster
          On D&C.
          Seen them twice and I’m happy. Listening to Periscope, Mixler, You Tube auds leaves so many holes in the music it’s almost unfair. Yeah, they stumble and have rough moments…..hey who does that remind me of…and they ain’t the Jerry Dead but for only having a few dozen shows under their belts they are impressing the hell out of me.

  4. That poster is:

    Not psychedelic
    Only slightly creative

    That poster would make a good children’s book cover.

    The hipster bike thing is nice.

    The sort of “produce crate” look in terms of color choice shows some creativity.

    Those are my thoughts..

  5. Mean, Green, Devil Eating Machine

    July 23, 2016 at 9:21 am

    Why is the bear holding the left handle bar with its right paw? Or, why are the handlebars pointing one way, and the front wheel pointing in a different direction?

  6. Thanks to ToTD I have the sneaking suspicion that Brent is inside that bear suit.

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