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Mustrat Love*

IMG_1905Hey, Bobby.

“Hey, pal.”

You’re more mustache than man now, aren’t you?

“Sucker got a heft to him, don’t he?”

You look like one of those Presidents everyone forgets.

“A Harrison, maybe?”

Sure. What’s with the Strat? You went 50 years without one.

“Oh, her? Not a Strat, no. Looks and plays precisely like a Strat, but one crucial difference: this cost around nine grand.”



So, you spent nine grand on a guitar that looks exactly like the one sitting in my living room that I bought for sixty bucks.


That’s awesome. You have taken Grateful Deading to a new level, man.

“Don’t you forget it.”

Does your mustache talk to you, Bobby?

“In the middle of the night, sometimes, sure.”



* Muskrat+Mustache+Strat=Mustrat


  1. Morning Douche

    July 17, 2015 at 1:26 am

    Jeebus the right fucking angle plug bob

  2. Never saw that pic above. That is definitely Bobby telling Garcia which gator tail is his and that for the 20th time, this entire saucer of blow is not for your head alone.

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