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My Back Pigs

It was not my 42nd birthday. I am younger than that by, like, a lot.

It was the 42nd anniversary of Pig’s death.

Like, so much younger. Plus, I stay out of the sun, so I look even younger than my age, which, I might remind you, is very young.


  1. See, I misread that. And I was surprised, because I figured you were older.

    Though not, like, old-old.

  2. Wtwfjdomgbbqjd?, I commented on your other comment before seeing this post. But I too assumed Mr. ToTD was a boomer.

  3. Strange, as I was under the impression that you were younger. Maybe it’s because of the fact that you keep up pretty well on popular culture. You know, stuff people my age would like. (Nothing wrong with being up to speed, though.) Happy birthday Your Deadliness.

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