jerry outside travis bean

This is a rare photo of the notoriously publicity-averse Precarious Lee, lounging directly under some equipment he had stacked up.

Born to a one-eyed Chinese woman and a Merchant Marine with balance issues and a penchant for giving his children silly names and then abandoning them, Precarious was abandoned soon after birth and raised in a Bangkok orphanage called Our Ladyboy of Mercy’s Home for Urchins. His obvious lack of skill manifested early when, while playing with blocks, he killed three of the other children. Soon, officials made his travel everywhere with a rubble-sniffing dog, just in case. This was too much for the orphanage to bear financially, and they sent Precarious Lee to the States.

He soon became some sort of spastic Zelig, appearing wherever engineering principles had been thrown to the wind in favor of Precarious’ method: eyeballin’ it. (Precarious once boasted that he could eyeball an appendectomy; the jury found that the patient’s death by decapitation was almost entirely the fault of the doctors and hospital administrators who let the surgery take place.)

He arranged security at Altamont, crowd logistics for The Who in Cincinnati in ’79, worked pyro for Great White. Currently, he gives TED talks on why Twitter is worth $20 billion.