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My Friend Pat

Thoughts on the Dead is, to my knowledge, the first daily satirical blog dedicated to a semi-defunct choogly-type band to befriend a sitting US Senator. There was a weekly webcomic entitled Oh, That Bobby! whose creator received some dick pics from Texas Governor Rick Perry, but my thing is better.

For the newly-arrived, TotD–all by myself and without anyone’s help, especially those weirdos in the comments section–posted and identified properly a pic of Garcia and Vince playing something they thought was a song, but was actually just a bunch of chords with some words on top, with a familiar patrician-looking fellow sitting behind them.

I instantly took to Twitter and asked the Senator to verify this supposition, and–

It took you three tries to get the hashtags and retweeting thing right.

–made contact with the most important men from Vermont who is named neither Ben nor Jerry: Patrick Leahy. An intern (who will most certainly be killed by Kevin Spacey sooner or later) answered my tweet pretending to be the Senator (who, if he doesn’t have anything better to do than answer random idiots tweeting at him, needs a firm talking-to about work ethic.)

This makes us best friends. Really close. Like, “showing each other weird stuff on our bodies” close. And, you know: the Senator is 74, so his body is almost entirely made up of weird stuff at this point. That’s pretty much the whole relationship: TotD pops in the Capitol, we get dabbed the fuck up, spin some ’72, show each other our buttock moles. Then we send the non-murdered intern to Ben’s for a sack-full of half-smokes and call it a night. Pretty decent friend, Patty-boy.


  1. Mr. TotD Goes to Washington may not happen any time soon, but apparently Jerry and the boys did visit the Capitol once with the esteemed Senator, and had a run-in with the oldest and goodest of the good ol’ boys, Strom Thurmond himself: (scroll to the bottom)

  2. Deadheads: let this be a reminder to always be extra careful when asking or offering to share or trade any of your Dick’s Picks collection.

  3. How is it I’ve never seen Senator “Patrick Leahy” and Lyndon LaRouche together in the same room?

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