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My Mickey Jacket


The insides of those much-coveted jackets were quilted and soft, but the outside performed the impressive trick of being made of satin, yet being so harsh to the touch, you felt as though your fingers might come away full of luxurious and shiny splinters.

Mickey has this jacket because Bill Walton gave it to him.

Mickey has that ponytail because Bill Lambeer gave it to him.

You know that makes no sense, right?

Don’t tell me what I know, dentist-fondler.

Go to bed.

That’s not the worst idea, probably.


  1. Dear Mickey- “Playing your leg” does not a drummer make.

  2. That doesn’t look like any Grateful Dead logo I’ve ever seen. What the hell is Mickey wearing it for?

    Does he have two Dead-logo shirts on underneath as penance?

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