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My Old School

Listening to: 9/9/91. Testing out my Great Show-Adjacent theory.*

Reading:  Katie Harvey’s Master’s thesis from Tufts University, 2009.† A guided tour through the tapers–far more fascinating than you would think, giving truth to the claim that there are no bad stories, just stories badly told.

Contemplating: Love, baby.

*No theory can hold up to the randomness of  Vince playing tinkly-winks and Sleepy Bear turning himself down. Once again, I am reminded that all post-Brent successes are due to the Law of Averages.

† This is actually a wonderful piece of work; long but worth it: careful, researched storytelling about a subject that can get arcane quickly. Plus a long-ass interview with Healy at the end. Read it, dammit.

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  1. I skimmed the redundant background stuff, read the main piece, and will come back to the interviews.

    Interesting, to be sure. However there’s a lot of half-truths and major omissions in there about personal actions and motives, but that’s normal when you’re getting all your information as 2nd to 5th gen analog copies.

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