Thoughts On The Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

My Two Favorite Websites Examine The Grateful Dead


  • China Cat Sunflower And The Burden Of Being The “Good” Minority.
  • Why Black Muddy River Is About Fracking.
  • Does Brown-Eyed Women Iris-Shame?
  • Victim Or The Crime: In Defense Of The Multi-Faceted Narrative of Beyoncé’s Formation.
  • Problem Attics of My Life: What We Talk About When Talk About The Grateful Dead Without Being Copy-Edited.
  • One More Saturday Night And Weekend Privilege: Why You’re Racist Towards Tuesday.
  • Blues For Allah: Orientalism At Its Inscrutablest.

(Okay, the last one’s kinda right.)


  • Nothing Was Actually Shaking On Shakedown Street (And We Have The Video To Prove It).
  • Garcia’s Beard Was Really The Worst In The Band.
  • The Music Stopped.
  • Felt Good To Give August West That Dime? Turns Out You’re Hurting Him.
  • Sorry To Break It To You, But Minds Can’t Leave Bodies.
  • U.S. Blues Was The Best Encore – Here’s Why.


  1. This is really, really good, and shows well why I don’t read much from either one.

  2. U.S. Blues Was The Best Encore – Here’s Why.

    The link for this article is broken and I totally want to read it!

  3. Actually, I think Brown Eyed Women does iris shame, in a way. A friend and I have discussed this in the past (although we didn’t use the term “iris shame”).

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