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Myth America


“You back from Burning Man?”

Does anyone ever really come back from Burning Man?

“Honor Burning Man in your heart, and keep it all the year round. Remember the lessons of Burning Man Past, Present, and Future. And then run and buy me the big goose in the butcher’s window; if you’re back in an hour, I’ll give you a shiny dime.”

Is the hula hoop a metaphor?

“Anything’s a metaphor if you talk fast enough. The question you should ask is, ‘Is a metaphor a hula hoop?'”

Is it?

“Of course: circular, and sometimes they get away from you.

That makes no sense.

“It was a metaphor.”

What is myth?

“A religion it’s okay to insult.”

No, not a myth. Myth.

“The grand hoo-de-doo?”


“Myth is how culture pictures itself when it dreams. Myth is the essential lie. The lie all others spring and flower from. The mother seed of lies; the one a people can’t do without. The primal plot. To accept a culture’s myth is to learn the secret password to that culture.”

Go on.

“Man lives in two worlds at once: the real and the one everyone decided on without thinking about it. The natural and the cultural. As the sun is to the natural word–all-powerful, unstoppable, necessary–so myth is the cultural world.”

Have we been sold a bill of goods?

“But for a needed service. The first myth was that we were different from animals. Which led to fire. And, after a fashion, hula hoops. Which are circular, and can get away from you.”

I truly can’t believe you’re dating whichever mutant is about to show up.

“I’m currently single. I came with my friends.”


“They’re right over there.”






I think your friend’s dead.

“Go grab his balloon.”

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  1. Man, you sure do like your hippie girls in boots. Cheers!

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