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Name That Tune

I hope one of the younger Enthusiasts reading can help me out: I heard a great rap song on the radio today, but didn’t catch its name.

It was about the rapper’s wealth and, secondarily, the high-quality goods and services that could be secured with said wealth. Then, Nicki Minaj did a verse about sticking tongues in assholes.

If it helps: the song was in 4/4 time.


  1. I’m Pushin’ 40, so I could be wrong; however, I do believe there are more than a few out there with the criterion you mentioned. Does the song mention licking necks and backs?

  2. It could either have been “This Song Sucks Ass (Both Literally and Figuratively)” or “Hip Hop is Dead”.

  3. “Sunshine Of Nicki’s Tossed Salad?”

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