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Neither Of Us Are Rappaport

mickey billy lockn rocking chair

  • This is the worst Neil Simon play I’ve ever seen.
  • When Billy wears that shirt, he feels like a lion.
  • Rudimentary research pegs the can as a Bold Rock Hard Cider.
  • We’re doing cider again?
  • Did Goodwife Jenkins pulp it herself, in between bouts of accusing people of witchery?
  • How about grog?
  • We bringing back grog, too?
  • Cider.
  • Kiss my ass with your cider, modern society.
  • What’s with the cider thing?
  • It’s getting drunk off of rotted apples: it’s how donkeys in a field get drunk.
  • You think humans are better than donkeys?
  • Good point.
  • Last word on the cider: it is sitting next to Mickey’s flask, and that is a fact that I deliver with no commentary.
  • Billy, on the other hand, could be drinking anything out of that cup.
  • Maybe it’s a superfood smoothie he had Benjy prepare.
  • Maybe it’s Everclear mixed with Coors Light, which Billy refers to as “a Randy Travis.”
  • It is, in fact, a Mr. Pibb.
  • Billy loves the Pibb.
  • TotD must here express surprise and disappointment with Mickey: except for the well-made and stylish hoodie with the Steali embroidered in the hood ($140), he hasn’t worn FTW stuff.
  • In fact, this is the ninth or tenth go-round with the pale blue Rhythm Devils number this summer.
  • The rocking chair isn’t helping matters, if we’re honest.


  1. The Cider thing is a disaster..

    There is a centuries old Cider tradition in the UK, Normandy and Spain, and that shit can be good.

    But what is going on now is mass marketing meets mob behavior, meets hipsters, and has no gluten.

    Hope it passes like Wine Coolers and that a few of the good makers remain.

    My god.. do you know how hard it was to write this without saying artisan or craft.

    • Also, you avoided “small-batch”. Nice.

    • Sad but true, how was Mike in the forest Tor?

      • Mickey. ….

      • Mickey in the forest was wonderful. He was happy, silly and lovin what Steve and Android Jones where adding to the mix.

        I mean it was Mickey Madness, and you can dislike it on that basis alone and I am cool with that.

        It was in the woods with less than a thousand people. Laser lights going out from the stage, lights illuminating the trees. We were on the rail with no stress and no pressure it was nice. I could have hit either Mickey , Steve or Android Jones with a spitball, had I the desire to.

        If you wanted to be trippin and have the music to relate to, it was the place to be. I was not trippin by the way, but my neighbors in the crowd seemed to be somewhat trippy.

        He would bring some sampled rhythms up , or create them and whack the beam. He did bring out the thumb piano, it might have a motion activated effects trigger, or Mickey just likes waving it at people like it was a light saber.

        Steve Kimock would either run some notes around, or maybe catch them in a loop it was hard to tell for sure. They would let things build and like kids playing around in a studio making shit up, they would try to figure out when a “song” was over.

        Steve would switch from lap steel guitars on stands, to regular guitars.

        It was nice to see Android Jones’ rig, he had a big tablet input for a computer over his shoulder and a stylus that he would move or tap in rhythm, and the stealies, or leaves, or whatever would follow the pattern he made, with some influence from some rhythm input.

      • Wow, that sounds like a great night.

      • No trainhorn Crotch..

        I took just a few pictures and some shaky video.

        I am uploading to Google photos and will share when the upload is done.

    • There was a centuries old tradition of hard cider in America brought over from England etc.It was the only safe thing to drink for a LONG time here. Children drank it after they got off the tit. The industry died with Prohibition and a lot of the dedicated cider apple orchards were cut down as hard cider apples differ from eating apples and regular cider apples (which are just excess to needs or bruised eating apples) and were of no use anymore.

      A lot of the “wine cooler” grade hard ciders (Woodchuck and other bullshit) use common apples while the good ciders are using dedicated hard cider apples from varieties that have been and are being reintroduced by the cider makers over the last few decades.

      There is a growing culture/mystique/snobbery whatever, around hard cider that is mimicking the wine industry. Bottle labels telling you about the traces of this and that and the nose and finish lalalalala.

      I ignore that shit and just drink it. Don’t like wine, don’t like beer, don’t like liquor. Love hard cider and it is as varied as beer, wine and whiskey. And certain ones do go better with certain foods. The only thing I pay attention to on the labels.

      Good hard cider is GOOD. Woodchuck-ie ciders suck.

      This is a good one. Grown one ridgeline and a valley away from my hometown. And a couple bottles will definitely have you smiling.

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