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Nevertheless, The Bullshit Persists

Who the Left shuts up: Actual Nazis, and their scabrous cohort.

Who the Right shuts up: Senators reading from letters by Coretta Scott King.

Any more stupid fucking equivalencies?


    • Thoughts On The Dead

      February 8, 2017 at 7:08 pm

      This is the equivalence I’m talking about. There is none between college students desiring to control who speaks on their campus, and a Senator being silenced for reading a letter from Coretta Scott King.

      Do you honestly think that–again–a letter from Coretta Scott King is the same as Ben Shapiro’s lecture entitled “When Diversity Becomes The Problem”?


      • Thoughts On The Dead

        February 8, 2017 at 7:16 pm

        Also, these are some of the articles written by one of your sources, Kristen Powers:
        (I’m quoting because I have no idea how to put images in a comment.)
        “Illiberal Feminism is Running Amok.”
        “The Anti-Gay Law Blizzard of Lies.”

        Oh, and she has a new book out called “How The Left Is Killing Free Speech” or something dumb like that.

        • “I’m quoting because I have no idea how to put images in a comment.”

          It’s simple.
          1. reduce the size of your image to that of a flea’s booger.
          2. use the font that people at the mall use for writing on rice.
          3. arbitrarily crop the image to insure that the intent of the material is completely lost.
          4. after the three failed attempts, click the donate button to unlock your “uploading privileges”.
          5. click the donate button once more to upload in HD (micro)
          6. dim lights, enjoy ‘70 dark star, forget that you ever posted

  1. Let’s face it – we all love the Dead, but at this point in their lives they are old and boring. I however do not wish to be bored, which is why I love all of the political posts. Go team!! I’m even considering moving to Little Aleppo…

  2. Drop the BanHammer..

    The Bannon-Hammer

    The Ban-ana-rammer Hammer

    Leap Year, I told him how to make images bigger and he did, he made them 240*240. It was briefly worse.

    That was the crumb he fed to us, be grateful. Just kidding,

    It would be frighteningly nerdy for ToTD but we can walk him through the steps needed to allow bigger images.

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