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New Rule

New rules for the Comment Section:

  1. Any of that “they’re both terrible” bullshit gets you banned. I have no more patience for that particular brand of stupidity and I won’t allow it here. The two presidential candidates are not comparable on any level: resume, temperament, intelligence, trustworthiness. This site will not be a party to that noxious, brain-dead, equivocating bullshit.
  2. That’s it, really.


  1. Thank you and amen.

  2. what occidentalpoppy said

  3. Just because I like it……

  4. Is it acceptable to say that “the only real loser in this election is the American public”?

  5. I think this rule should apply generally to all comparisons–keyboard players, surfboards, Mexican restaurants and so on. Make a decision

  6. And fuck Gary Johnson right in his brain-dead climate-change-denying piehole while we’re at it

  7. Luther Von Baconson

    September 27, 2016 at 7:49 pm

    no guns no butter, they’ll both kill ya

  8. Amen. I’m starting to lose it with that shit.

  9. Is that candidate related to old Bull Lee?

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