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No One Calls Any Of These Men Maurice


You look terrible.

“Me or Steve Miller?”

You. Steve Miller looks like he’s about to start a fight at a Hooters.

“Okay. Fuck off.”

Why is your moob in your armpit?


All right, I’m going.

You wanna talk about–


–the pants? Okay, okay.


  1. If neither is Maurice, then who do you think is speaking of the pompitousness of love?

    • Thoughts On The Dead

      October 27, 2016 at 9:42 pm

      By deduction, Mickey.

      • Implicitly, then, who would be the Gangster Of Love, the Space Cowboy and the Midnight Toker? (You youngsters can just keep playing your video games, pay no mind to us).

        There really is a Steve Miller Band song called “Enter Maurice.” Recall The Beginning was not his best work, but I’m pretty sure I still own it.

  2. i think that jerry is the midnight toker (among other things) and of course bobby is the gangster of love.

  3. My wife just said “Today he’d be wearing yoga pants”. I can’t unthink that image.

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