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No Vaccine For Stupid

Presidential candidates have positions on vaccination now? What about the Krebs cycle? The atomic weight of strontium? The longitude and latitude of Butte, MT?


  1. Anchovy Rancher

    February 3, 2015 at 7:38 pm

    All Presidential speeches will now be required to contained the coordinates: 46.0064° N, 112.5297° W. No exceptions. By the way, it’s also a hint in finding the key(s) to Michelle Bachmann’s chastity belt.

  2. The thought of a bunch of old, white men trying to regulate female bodies is suddenly much less scary than this.

  3. Yo, what did you say to me? This was a joke, man. That wasn’t cool.

    • Well, so was mine. Abortion is a stupidity inflicted upon society by , as you said, old white men.

      This anti-vaccine movement is spearheaded mostly by younger, white women. Generally educated, moneyed, and clustered in a few counties.

      Old white people screw some stuff up, young white ladies screw other stuff up. Chinese dudes are responsible for some problems, I suppose. Also, Malaysian divorcees.

      But this vaccine thing? Young, white, rich, educated women.

  4. The Krebs Cycle is a myth perpetrated on the American People by the big Biology companies that are only interested in obscene profits and not REAL TRUE biochemistry.

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