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Two things:

  1. Does anyone know this Seo person? Not Seo Bryson, Peabo’s brother, but the Google fellow. Since the changeover, fewer people have been getting here via the process of googleazation, and Seo is supposed to know what to do. Is Seo the One? Please help.
  2. I suppose everyone has the little game in their phone they enjoy; I like Ruzzle. It’s like Boggle, except they didn’t call it that so they didn’t have to pay the Boggle people. (Which is fine: the Parker Brothers are two of history’s greatest monsters.) I may or may not have just yelled at the little game: “LESH MOST CERTAINLY IS A WORD, MOTHERFUCKER.”


  1. Does the old url forward you to the new one? If they do that as a 301 or 302 (apache redirects, the first is temporary and the other is permanent).Otherwise, you’re going to have to deal with a dip in traffic. That said, this new url should be much better from an SEO perspective.

    Also, whatever other sites out there linked to the old address, they need to update their links as well, in bound links are big for SEO.

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