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You can vote for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees here, but if you vote for anyone but The JBs or Cheap Trick, then we can’t be friends anymore.

The JBs at their peak, with some guy singing and two brothers with weird names on guitar and bass:

And here’s the pride of Rockford, IL doing the first song of their new album:



  1. do you really have to give them your email to vote? I’m not doin’ that, sorry. But if it makes you feel any better I definitely would’ve voted for Cheap Trick. They kick ass.

  2. JB’s without that guy


  4. The Grunt pt. 1

  5. tally so far (in order of Standing

    Chicago 17.37% (530516 votes)
    Yes 16.95% (517802 votes)
    Deep Purple 16.79% (512911 votes)
    The Cars 16.75% (511535 votes)
    Steve Miller 16.57% (506292 votes)
    Janet Jackson 4.75% (145161 votes)
    Chaka Khan 3.27% (99957 votes)
    Cheap Trick 2.10% (64157 votes)
    The Spinners 1.20% (36690 votes)
    N.W.A 0.98% (30036 votes)
    Nine Inch Nails 0.90% (27634 votes)
    The Smiths 0.82% (25045 votes)
    Chic 0.81% (24790 votes)
    Los Lobos 0.49% (15098 votes)
    The J.B.’s 0.23% (7092 votes

    – See more at:

  6. Los Lobos are way overdue. They blow all these other bands away easily.

  7. Warren Zevon not even in the running? They lost all credibility years ago.

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