In the great documentary about the Sex Pistols The Filth and the Fury, Sid Vicious is shown in archival footage wearing a swastika T-shirt. Not a discreet or mistakable swastika, either: it was one of the most swastikiest swastikas I’ve ever seen.  And yet, sitting in the theater watching the film, even I–a full-blooded one of those folks…you know: they’re…um…Heather loooooooves her teacher, Mrs. Katz–couldn’t get mad at him. Sid had no clue what that thing stood for, another than being repellant, which was an attitude he cultivate. Sid’s job wasn’t, you know, knowing stuff. He was a hedgehog, and what he knew was that when he slung his bass down low and took his shirt off, people responded by giving him drugs and sleeping with him. The tenets of National Socialism and the banalities of the Holocaust were fuzzier to Sid: he wasn’t details-oriented.

The Wiesenthal Center, after years of inexact, sporadic, and perfunctory research announced (well, a guy told another guy) that they could NEITHER CONFIRM NBOR DENY reports–numerous reports, mind you–of more than one member of the Grateful Dead being a time-traveling Nazi.

You’re killing me over here.

This is the truth that David LIE-mieux won’t tell you!

His name’s difficult enough to spell without you fucking with it, you don’t —

Look at my evidencifications!

need to (not a word) make it MORE complicated. 

What’s a ‘nbor’?

It was a typo.

You’re with them, aren’t you?

God, I wish.