You know my feelings on the Dave’s Pick series: it’s kicking ass on all cylinders, partly because of base-level good decisions being made concerning the first and most important choice–which show shall it be?

Aside from DaP 6, which I thought had more historical significance than musical merit, there’s not a Pick you can second-guess: perhaps the show you want hasn’t come around yet, but there haven’t been any shows of less than A+ caliber.

For example, Dave could have picked any of these shows, but didn’t. Good work, you apology-offering syrupsucker.

  • That show in ’83 when Bobby put slides on every finger and realized he couldn’t play like that so he got really frustrated and started windmilling his arms around and whomping people on the heads and screaming bloody murder and, you know: this was in front of fans, like twelve goddam thousand of them–it looks bad for the organization, so eventually Billy came around from behind his drums and mercy-punched Bobby in his dick and Brent got scared and started crying because the grown-ups were fighting and in the confusion, Garcia snuck into the bathroom and that was the end of the first set.
  • The marching band show. The things that happened to the flautists…
  • That time Vince got “hysterical blindness”, to which everyone responded by telling him that if he knew it was hysterical blindness, then he should be able to see, to which Vince then claimed to have “hysterical deafness, as well” and tumbled over a few things rather theatrically and the night got worse from there, to be honest.
  • All those benefits when Phil would yell at the sick people.
  • Any of those shows in the ’80’s when they would play brilliantly one at a time, or perhaps in small groups, but almost never everybody at once.
  • The show the day after the famous ’78 mescaline show, when they just sat there pushing the eggs around the plate for a bit, then tried to go back to bed, but everything hurt.
  • The Pants-off Dance-off. No one needed to see that shit, Billy.
  • Any of the shows they played at Summerland or Autumnland.
  • The lost May ’76 performance of Jesus Christ: Superstar that not one of them was off book for.
  • Those shows in late ’81, when instead of Drums/Space, Werner Herzog would just come out and rap with the crowd about man’s compulsion to defy his own mortality through art.
  • Any of the shows they did on that mall tour with Tiffany.