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Not Enough Chiara, Too Much Scuro #2

acoustic dead 8:19:70 2

More elegant instruments from a more civilized age.

Don’t believe that for a second. No one could keep their guitars in tune for fifteen seconds in a row, at least 17 fistfights broke out during the show between the band and the sound crew about the feedback, and you most likely wouldn’t be electrocuted if you touched the microphone. Most likely.

As for more civilized: whatever city this picture was taken in had had a race riot with the past 36 months. Entire American cities would just spasm into violent lunacy and beat the living shit out of themselves. For a good reason, mind you: people whose skin had evolved to suck in Vitamin D treated people whose skin had evolved to reject most Vitamin D poorly. They did this because humans act rationally and aren’t just pants-monkeys terrified of anything different because “what if he wants my stuff? Or daughters?”

Always remember: the past was horrible for pretty much everyone. Not the Dead: they got laid a lot.


  1. Made my way over here via /r/gratefuldead. Never realized you had a blog set up before today. Some really cool stuff you’ve got on here.

    • Thanks, man. Hurtling towards the 2000th post. Some of this makes sense if you start at the beginning. Some of it doesn’t make sense no matter where you start reading.

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